Brenda Peyton – Certified Payroll Professional

Congratulations Brenda Peyton!

Brenda has received the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation from the American Payroll Association.

The APA offers the CPP Mastery Examination to recognize those who have achieved this level of professional proficiency.

The goals of the APA’s Certified Payroll Professional certification program are:
• To promote the standard for payroll professionals, which is accepted by the business community and the public at large;
• To encourage professional growth and individual study by the payroll professional;
• To provide the standard of requisite knowledge for the payroll professional;
• To measure the means of the certification examination the attainment and application of that standard, and
• To recognize formally those colleagues who continue to meet the requirements of the APA Certifications Board’s CPP Committee.

The pressures of economic and legislative developments on the payroll function have broadened the scope of payroll beyond its basic function of paying employees. Today’s payroll professional utilizes the latest technology for executing the payroll and, in many cases, interfaces with other systems within and outside the organization.

Moreover, payroll has come under a wide array of governmental regulations and requirements. Once considered a technical skill, payroll has become a professional discipline. Payroll professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of payroll, stay abreast of changes in related technologies, and through independent research, keep current with the legislative and regulatory environment.

A payroll professional must be proficient in all aspects of taxation and tax reporting, MIS, human resources, and accounting as each of these relate to the payroll environment. Today’s payroll professional’s function as members of a management team.