Congratulations Tyler Bryant!

Congratulations to Tyler Bryant for being selected one of the IR’s 20 under 40 for 2019!

The Independent Record’s annual 20 Under 40 awards are meant to honor those under age 40 who, through their industry and hard work, are moving the Helena community forward. These awards are not just bestowed by the Independent Record. They are bestowed by the citizens of Helena and the Helena Valley, who nominated each of the honorees.

At just 33 years old, Tyler Bryant is changing Helena’s accounting landscape. Bryant transferred from JCCS’s Great Falls office to Helena, and brought with him a relentless drive to serve others.

“I just want to make my clients’ lives easier. I want to take the stress of what they are trying to figure out off their plate and let me handle it for them,” he said. “You know, I get excited about planning for retirement or applying to purchase a business — stuff like that. That’s exciting to me, where it may be scary for them to undertake that, so anything I can do to make them sleep easier at night is a joy for me.”

Bryant’s enthusiasm and dedication to his role helped him lead his team to become one of the most profitable accounting firms in the state.

“We had a lot of key members that were just pushing hard and trying to make things better, trying to make themselves better at their craft,” he said. “And then, of course, with the addition of the company that we acquired, that brought in additional revenue and additional team members.”

Bryant emphasized how JCCS’s success is due in part to his staff who give 100 percent every day. In addition to increasing revenue and growing their client base, Bryant wants his employees to lead full and balanced lives.

“We want to keep making it a great place to work for our team members and so people want to stay and that they enjoy coming to work … and just keep working towards that to make everybody’s lives better,” he said.

Bryant hopes to inspire others through his work at JCCS.

“I’m not one to look for or want recognition or anything like that,” he said. “I just try to lead by example specifically with my team in my office, doing the half includes getting out in the community and meeting with prospective clients or existing clients through referral sources or whatnot and just getting JCCS out there, getting my name out there and then people start equating who we are with what we do.”