JCCS Elects New Board Members

We are proud to announce the following were elected to our Board of Directors at our annual Shareholder meeting: Tony Vanorny, CPA, Executive Vice President – Kalispell and Sharon Rhodes, CPA – Missoula.

They join the rest of the Board: newly appointed Chairman of the Board, Jim Galipeau, CPA, CFE – Missoula; Mandi Boutilier, CPA – Great Falls, Dana Sondergaard, CPA, CFO, Secretary – Great Falls; Greg Peck, CPA, Treasurer – Kalispell and John Stevens, CPA, President/CEO – Whitefish.

Tony Vanorny, CPA

Sharon Rhodes, CPA

Jim Galipeau, CPA, CFE

Mandi Boutilier, CPA

Gregory Peck, CPA

Dana Sondergaard, CPA

John Stevens, CPA