JCCS Team Training – Individual Tax & Entity Boot Camps

JCCS relies upon its knowledgeable team members to find the best approach for each client and their specific needs.

This environment of collaboration and trust between employees is developed not only through daily interactions, but also through technical training and group events. JCCS combined these two factors of team building in the recent training sessions, Individual and Entity Tax Boot Camps.

Every year, the first and second year tax team members attend the Individual and Entity Tax Boot Camps. Each boot camp course consists of several prerequisites that are completed over 10-12 weeks, and a 2-day in person group meeting to conclude.

By applying the technical knowledge from the prerequisite courses to actual situations, the tax team members are introduced to JCCS’s vision of seeing beyond the numbers to look for opportunities to better serve our clients.

The Individual Tax Boot Camp draws information from each prerequisite into a comprehensive case study participants complete prior to the group meeting. The group meeting subsequently discusses the case study with all participants.

The Entity Tax Boot Camp discusses real-world examples at the group meeting that are relevant to topics covered by the prerequisite courses.

Each boot camp provides a forum in which participants gain not only technical knowledge, but knowledge about their fellow participants. This environment of shared learning allows JCCS to cultivate a team culture that is not limited by office location across the firm. Participants and instructors alike were impressed by JCCS’s commitment to improve the technical knowledge of its employees as well as expand team relationships.

Team member testimonials:

“The size of JCCS allows us to tap the knowledge and background of numerous experienced professionals and transfer that knowledge to the newer talent in the firm. No one knows everything about the tax law, so having the resources we do is great.” – Dave G.

“The boot camp training motivated all attendees to think outside the box on how to interpret information to help us grow professionally and prepare us for our future careers.” – Katie G.

“Great team building opportunity, specifically with peers that you will grow professionally with, while working towards bettering your knowledge.” – Jake C.

“I thought it was great because we learned technical skills regarding tax but we also spent a significant portion of the boot camp discussing how to better serve our clients. It goes to show that JCCS really does invest time in helping our clients as well as growing our employees.” – Alanna S.