April Lagerquist-Logue

Accounting & Payroll Professional

Hamilton, MT

Southern California was no place for a tomboy to raise a family. So when fate moved April Lagerquist-Logue to the Bitterroot Valley in 1988 it was meant to be. Always active in sports, the team mentality was engrained in her at an early age. And in her view, this thought process transcends all areas of life. A team has the honor of strengthening each other and utilizing all the tools available to do so. This is April’s mindset at work, at home and at play – to the benefit of JCCS and our clients.

Supplying accounting services for more than 36 years, April builds relationships that maintain an open-door family environment. She supports that with a promise of solid advice anytime, anywhere, candid, reciprocating and valued between parties. She also encourages networking between clients, refers clients within JCCS’ impressive pool of talent and resources, counsels clients on alternatives in software, and helps them expand their skills and understanding in pertinent areas. April’s focus on client outreach and communication is the tangible result of her belief in empowering clients whenever possible.

April’s passion for critical thinking is applied to each client uniquely. When clients gain new skills, utilize items readily available to them, and improve their own understanding of their businesses, it tends to ignite more in-depth conversations between parties. April finds that exciting. With the entire team of JCCS professionals within reach of every client the team really interacts with each other and clients like a family. For April, it’s crucial that we strive to keep everyone healthy, happy and knowledgeable – strengthening each other, using all tools available – because we have a sense of responsibility to clients as members of the JCCS family.