Danita Bistodeau

Accounting & Payroll Professional

Great Falls, MT

Danita Bistodeau was born and raised in Colorado and moved to Montana in 1980. In her free time she enjoys her family and wonderful dogs as well as going to the gym, reading, movies, gardening, rafting and traveling as much as time allows.

With 36 years of experience, Danita brings to the firm knowledge and expertise in accounting, payroll and tax services for a variety of small businesses including farming and ranching. Throughout her career Danita has focused on building strong, long‐term relationships with her clients and it is this attention to clients’ needs that enables Danita to provide quality service for her clients.

In her years with JCCS, Danita has seen the firm grow into a multifaceted operation with a wonderful team to work with. To illustrate, she tells of working with a client who owed significant taxes at the end of a recent year. In response, Danita joined a diverse JCCS team, composed of the client’s CPA as well as employee benefits specialists and other specialists, to collaborate on a response – which ultimately included implementing a retirement plan and choosing particular investments.