Debbie Laubach

Accounting & Payroll Professional

Great Falls, MT

Areas of Expertise
  • Accounting
Designations and Licensures

Debbie Laubach brings to the firm her 28 years of experience with farm living and accounting. Debbie and her husband operate a farm north of Great Falls, where they raise wheat and barley. She thoroughly enjoys the farm life, along with traveling her native Montana, spending time with her children, and reading.

Accounting isn’t always our clients’ strength. Accounting is one of the many strengths of JCCS, and Debbie believes that we are here to help our clients in our field of strength. Each client is unique, with his or her own set of circumstances. Great Falls has a large farming community and Debbie thrives on working with these farmers and ranchers, offering her first-hand knowledge. Debbie has formed close relationships with many of these farmers and is their go-to person when they have a problem with their accounting practices. Debbie works closely with her clients in order to identify their goals and opportunities for improvement or growth. She then helps them with learning their bookkeeping software and payroll processing, and offers assistance with bookkeeping.

In her 23-plus years with JCCS, Debbie has seen the firm grow into a multifaceted operation. The benefits of that growth were apparent as Debbie was working with a client who had a very large tax problem at the end of the year. Our team, consisting of its accountant and Debbie, as the bookkeeper, introduced them to our Employee Benefits specialists, who helped implement a retirement plan. This instantly reduced the client company’s taxes and added additional benefits for its employees. Debbie enjoys working in a “one-stop shop” that has so much diversity and expertise to offer our clients.