Lorna Sheridan

Accounting & Payroll Professional

Missoula, MT

Areas of Expertise
  • Accounting

Lorna is living proof that even the most winding roads will eventually get you where you are going. Beginning post-secondary education with the intention of ending up in the sciences, Lorna stumbled upon her career choice in accounting through a happy accident while taking an elective course for a Minor in Ag Business. After attending Montana State, she transferred to U of M and will be graduating from the University of Arizona online, GO WILDCATS! She is currently working towards the goal of becoming a CPA.

Lorna’s passion for her career stems from seeing first- hand the importance of sound financial and business practices in keeping the Montana way of life alive for generational agriculture operations. Marrying into a family ranch, raising beef cattle and quarter horses, opened her eyes to the triumphs and struggles of running a business. There is nothing more important than knowing exactly what will get you to your goals, and in her opinion accountants, as well as the other professionals at JCCS form the support system that allows people to reach their personal and business goals.

Though she is not a native Montanan, Lorna has deep love for this state, and appreciation for its old-fashioned culture. Taking in the sun setting over the mountains from the back of a horse is her preferred method of reminding herself how incredible blessed we are to be here. She is looking forward to this next chapter, awaiting the opportunities and relationships that will come with her new career at JCCS.

Eleanor Roosevelt was a woman who was shamelessly bold and uncommon in her time, unafraid to act. She said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Lorna is inspired every day to believe in the future, be bold, and push through uncertainty to find the beautiful and rewarding times ahead.