Tammie K. Milligan

Accounting & Payroll Professional

Hamilton, MT

Areas of Expertise
  • Accounting
  • Client Advisory Services
Designations and Licensures
  • Certified Pro-advisor, Quickbooks Desktop and Online

Helping a client make the best decisions for his or her business involves more than just preparing a tax return or processing a payroll. While working on her piece of the client’s puzzle, Tammie Milligan keeps a clear eye on the larger picture; she looks at each company as a whole, at all the line items and how they fit together. She wants every client to look at us as not only a provider of services but as people who want to help them succeed.

It’s important that clients not only are successful but are happy and satisfied with the decisions they have made. Backed by a career of experience in accounting and bookkeeping for public and private enterprises, for Tammie “foresight is better than hindsight” and she encourages her clients to call with questions before making big decisions so she and the team can offer counsel and information to help them make the best decisions.

The team concept at JCCS also plays a key roll in allowing for stress-free transitions for our clients if necessary. For example, when Tammie transferred to the Hamilton office from Missoula, the firm’s practice of maintaining current instructions and checklists for each client made the transfer of her Missoula clients to a fellow team member easy.

Outside of work, Tammie’s personal passion is photography – especially when on a road trip with her husband – and she readily notes that technological advances in photography have made her a better photographer than she ever thought she could be. Likewise, she says, technological advances in accounting software have made her a better accountant and allowed her to expand her vision to encompass not just the numbers in front of her but to see what the numbers can be.