Vicki Quinn

Accounting & Payroll Professional

Whitefish, MT

Vicki Quinn uses her practical experience in payroll and bookkeeping to help clients arrive at answers that can be acted on to improve their focus on day-to-day business activities and to achieve balance in a positive way.

A payroll professional for more than 20 years, Vicki helps clients overcome obstacles in their planning, preparing and organizing. This then lets her clients spend more of their time running and promoting their businesses instead of being laden with paperwork … and as a result, she enjoys many long-term and trusted partnerships with clients.

The training benefits promoted by JCCS to broaden professional knowledge, along with the expertise of her co‐workers, help Vicki keep up to date on changes that occur and how those changes might relate to her clients’ businesses so she can then take that information to them.

Vicki was born in North Dakota, moved to eastern Montana and migrated to the western region. She loves the green of the trees, the mountains and the changing seasons. She also enjoys spending time with family, movies, relaxing on porch enjoying the view, reading and art.