Sharon Rhodes, CPA – Graduate’s from the Rainmaker Academy

Congratulations Sharon Rhodes!

Sharon just graduated from the Rainmaker Academy. This intensive practice development program required a significant commitment.

For those of you that may not be familiar with the Rainmaker Academy, below is an overview of the program Sharon completed.

The Rainmaker Academy® is a transformational leadership and business development program specifically for accounting professionals who want to grow their business.

Over the course of 18 months of graduate level classes and personal coaching, it equips participants with skills to permanently increase revenue.

The program applies a four-part process:

• Plan: After each session, participants walk away with key initiatives they can bring back and implement that next day. Each participant will also have an individualized accountability “Revenue Action Plan” (R.A.P. powered by Practice Pipeline) and a scheduled one hour appointment with their Personal Coach.

• Approve: Supervising partners join participants on their pre-class conference call as well as the first and fourth coaching calls to ensure involvement in participant’s progress. The Revenue Action Plan (RAP) is also approved by the supervising partner.

• Execute: Between sessions, participants are expected to follow through on key initiatives from each session and our RAP plays a significant role in helping participants identify and track sales activities and objectives.

• Measure: During each coaching session, participants are measured and coached around the Revenue Action Plan around their: cross-selling opportunities, referral sources, top prospects, revenue goals, and results.