Dental Practices

The dental and oral health care profession ranges from solo practitioners to multipartner dental clinics. And from general dentistry and a focus on preventative care to highly complex specialty care including surgery. Built through our years of experience, Montana-based JCCS takes pride in serving general dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists and others in specialty practices with sound financial, business and tax-related services – helping these professionals build and maintain their service-focused practices.

The demand for dental services was thought to be recession-proof. But the past recession and most recent pandemic proved otherwise. Across the field – from general dentistry to orthodontia to specialty practices – many dental clinics experienced a significant drop in patient appointments and billings. Adding to that complication, this industry also is known to have one of the highest exposure rates to the coronavirus, which made it harder than ever to find and keep employees such as dental hygienists.

The dental industry is expected to grow rapidly over the next couple of years. With people putting off preventative care and regular cleanings during the pandemic and the elderly population increasing, dental care needs are expected to grow.

I really enjoy working with those in the dental industry, focusing on tax planning and meeting throughout the year. It's rewarding to help these professionals build their businesses and their individual wealth, save for retirement, and analyze and budget for large capital purchases. Watching these service businesses grow and become more successful is a large part of the passion I have for my career.

— Mandi Boutilier

CPA, Great Falls

We offer services including payroll, bookkeeping, financial analysis, and financial document and ongoing tax preparation. We can also assist in other areas, such as business valuations and tax planning. No matter the particular service or services your practice requires, our goal is always to help you manage and build your practice to meet your goals.

Case in point: When one of our dental industry clients was a new, startup practice our team assisted with the bookkeeping entries for all major purchases and initial loans to help get the practice off the ground. We also helped with tax planning throughout the year – the business did much better than originally projected so the client was prepared for the tax burden ahead, they were able to make needed purchases for the business and they had no surprises come tax time.

No matter whether your practice today is humming along nicely or struggling to recover post pandemic, it’s important you have and understand your best financial data and analysis so you can make your best decisions going forward. We have a team of CPAs and business advisors with experience in your industry who can help.

If you are interested in learning about our services and how you and your clinic might benefit, please contact one of our dental industry specialists below and they will contact you soon.

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