Helping Yourself to Your IRS Information

No one on the phone? The IRS has online tools that can help. For many taxpayers, contacting the IRS for wanted information has been an ongoing >>

Is your hobby actually a business? It’s an important question because although you must report hobby income on your tax return, hobby expenses aren’t currently deductible. >>

Congratulations Brenda Peyton, CPP!

JCCS is proud to announce that Brenda Peyton, CPP is our newest Shareholder. Brenda has been with JCCS since 2000. She received her Associate degree in >>

Weathering the storm of rising inflation

Like a slowly gathering storm, inflation has gone from dark clouds on the horizon to a noticeable downpour on both the U.S. and global economies. Is >>

Congratulations Marija Berney, CPA!

JCCS is proud to announce that Marija Berney, CPA is our newest Shareholder. Marija has been with JCCS since 2010. She received her BS in International >>

Unclaimed Payroll Checks

The employee “left the building” but also left you holding a paycheck or two – what to do? Employees leave a business for many reasons but >>