JCCS now offers 3 quick and easy ways to pay:

Pay by Credit Card

Securely make a payment using your credit card.

Pay by EFT

Securely make a payment using Electronic Funds Transfer.

QuickFee Financing

No-hassle financing (minimum balance of $5,000 required).

About QuickFee Financing

QuickFee offers an easy, no-hassle way for you to spread the cost of your invoice(s) over three to 12 monthly payments.*

* Please note that interest will apply. And there is a $5,000 minimum balance requirement.

How QuickFee financing helps:

  • Keep working capital in your business for other purposes.
  • Smooth your cash flow.
  • Access an additional line of credit without engaging your bank or any formal application process.
  • No additional security is required.
  • No prepayment penalty for paying a loan off early and you only pay interest for the time the loan is outstanding.


Please call Sabrina White at (406) 549-4148 if you have any questions regarding payment options or QuickFee. Thank you.