Happy 75th anniversary 10 times!


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Meet the 10 Montana charities you helped us celebrate. Thank you!

The nominations are in and the charities we are celebrating are chosen! Back in October we asked for your help as we celebrate our 75th anniversary as a CPA / business advisory firm here in Montana. Specifically, to help us give away $75,000 to 10 charities. We received over 4,000 nominations, nominating 506 different charities from all over Montana. WOW. Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination and spread the word about our 75th Anniversary Giveaway – thank you for helping us celebrate.

Chosen by our six offices, each of these charities will receive a $7,500 donation. Here is a little about each, what some of the nominators had to say, and a link to where you can learn more about each.

Corvallis Schools Foundation

The Corvallis Schools Foundation raises and manages moneys received from sources that include individuals, businesses and foundations. CSF financially supports local students’ access to unique, innovative and enriching academic and extracurricular activities that are beyond the Corvallis School District’s budget. Funds are generally distributed by the foundation board through grant applications from school district staff.

Comments from nominators:

  • The foundation provides support and equipment for STEAM education.”
  • “Need to continue to provide quality education in our community to all ages!”
  • “This prize will help the Corvallis Schools Foundation provide funding to allow all Corvallis students to learn, grow, and gain valuable life skills.”

Learn more about the Corvallis Schools Foundation at

Garden City Harvest

Based in Missoula, Garden City Harvest supports food security and a healthy community through 20 gardens (school and community), neighborhood farms, educational programming and an employment program. Started in 1996 to provide local, sustainably grown produce to those in need, it focuses on “the tradition of producing our own food for our community” and on the 20% of Missoulians who live in poverty.

Comments from nominators:

  • “City Garden creates such a beneficial impact on our community. What a better way to contribute than providing areas and so much more for people to grow their own organic food. City Garden Harvest also provides extensive information about gardening, which is a learning opportunity for everyone involved. … They also extend their help and devotion beyond plot members – such as providing community plots, free food pantries and events open for everyone.”
  • “Garden City Harvest grows food with and for over 20,000 children and adults in our community each year! Food security is becoming more prevalent as housing prices soar, putting more stress on household budgets and estimates for those who don’t have enough food has grown more than 45% since the start of the pandemic. Garden City Harvest is a critical part of our community’s food safety net!”

Learn more about Garden City Harvest at

Tails as Old as Time

Tails as Old as Time is a senior dog rescue devoted to giving dogs loving retirement homes in which to spend their golden years. Based in Lewiston, as part of its service to both animals and humans, staff provide all adopting families with educational, emotional and financial support.

Comments from nominators:

  • “Tails as old as time is a great charity that gives elderly dogs a second chance at life. It’s a great financial burden but the charity covers all medical cost for the dogs in their program so that the family is keeping the elderly dogs can just focus on giving them a good life in the end. It’s charity is awesome!”
  • “Frequently, when people are moved from their home to a care facility, it requires rehoming their dog(s). These dogs are often their only family. TOT provides vet services as well as temporary and permanent homes for middle to senior age dogs, allowing peace of mind for the owner, and a safe haven for the dog.”

Learn more about Tails as Old as Time at

1 Horse at a Time Draft Horse Rescue

This Montana charity works to save unwanted, neglected and abused draft horses from slaughter. Once removed from a kill environment, the nonprofit provides quarantine, veterinary services and care for these horses, while working to secure each a safe, new home.

Comments from nominators:

  • “1 Horse At A Time Draft Horse Rescue provides a service to the equine community in Montana by removing draft horses – Belgian, Percheron, Shire and Draft crosses – from threatening, unhealthy situations. Their specific focus is rescuing horses that are going to slaughter. … They have proven, repeated success in rehabilitating draft horses back to health, whether the problem is malnourishment and massive weight loss, lack of hoof care and the related lameness, or other health problems … Once rehabilitated, many of the rescue horses are adopted to loving owners. After adoption, 1HAAT continues to check on the horses and the owners to make sure everything is going well for both.”
  • “They go above and beyond to save these beautiful creatures from a horrendous death and give them the absolute best care from the best feeds to top notch veterinary care”

Learn more about 1 Horse at a Time Draft Horse Rescue at

HEARTism Community Center

Bitterroot Arts for Autism ~ Heartism Center (BAA) provides education and socialization for children with special needs through exploration of the arts – music, dance, creative movement, yoga, a variety of activities and life skills – while also supporting and educating parents and families. Since November 2016, HEARTism Community Center in downtown Corvallis has offered services to children of all ages – and their families – including summer camps and a variety of classes to children of all ages.

Comments from nominators:

  • “HEARTism Community Center is a very unique center serving local young people with autism and other developmental disabilities. They offer a variety of classes (painting, dance, etc.) and activities for an extremely underserved community. They also offer activities such as summer day camps and social activities. They are the only center of their kind in the entire state and our community is lucky to have them”
  • “My granddaughters participate and have the opportunity to be with others which is very important especially now that outside activities are very limited. This is the one opportunity they have to be with others and is very important during this unusual time we are all experiencing. Any activity that allows them to be safely with others is very Important.”

Learn more about HEARTism Community Center at

The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund serves Helena School District children who qualify for free / reduced lunch by providing items including clothing, winter outerwear, school supplies, field trip fees, shoes and other necessities. Overseen by a 10-member board, the nonprofit has over 40 coordinators and volunteers who help students in their schools. Since its creation in 1989, it has been a catalyst for hope in the Helena school system. In the past year alone, the Angel Fund served over 800 children and awarded 33 Montana post-secondary scholarships to graduates.

Comments from nominators:

  • “As an elementary school principal in Helena, Angel Fund has become an integral resource to our vulnerable students and families. Students whose families cannot afford the critical items children need to enter school on a level playing field are supported through the gift of school supplies and school clothes. These donations allow every child the opportunity to walk into each school year with dignity and confidence.”
  • “This charity benefits children in L&C County in so many ways: clothes purchases, shoe purchases, school supplies, scholarships, etc. – the impact they have is immeasurable. Marcia Wall and her team are dedicated and go above and beyond to make sure every child has the opportunity to learn and grow without worrying about what they’ll wear or if they’ll have enough school supplies. The scholarships are the icing on the cake, giving college bound students the opportunity to further their education without the burden of financial worry.”

Learn more about the Angel Fund at

Toby’s House Crisis Nursery

New and serving Great Falls, Toby’s House provides urgent or emergency care for children ages newborn to 6. Whether the need is for a few hours or all day, the nonprofit provides a safe and nurturing environment for young children and at no cost and no income requirements. Staff also can work to connect the children’s parents / adult caregivers to community resources that help build resilience and strengthen families.

Comments from nominators:

  • “Toby’s house provides SAFE care for children so mothers don’t have to leave their babies with questionable family members, friends or acquaintances when needing to attend work or appointments. As a mental health provider, I can tell you first hand that Toby’s House has had a positive impact by allowing single, low income mothers to leave their baby in safe care while attending counseling appointments in order to improve themselves and focus on their own mental health needs.”
  • “Toby’s House Crisis Nursery will celebrate its first year of service to the Great Falls Community. If a family is in a crisis of some kind, a parent or parents can bring a child or children, ages 0-6, to Toby’s House for licensed care at no cost. The service is completely free to the family. An example that remains in my mind is a mom whose special needs child slept very little and only for short periods of time. Mom was exhausted, frustrated, isolated and did not know what to do. She said she only wanted time to take a shower and have a nap. We happily applauded and accommodated this mom because she was in crisis. …”

Learn more about Toby’s House Crisis Nursery at

Humane Society of Western Montana

Working from Missoula to serve Western Montana, this nonprofit’s goal is to “save every animal every time” by being a leading resource for companion animals and their people. In addition to providing physical, emotional and medical care for animals in its shelter, the Humane Society matches people with pets, helps pets stay in their homes by providing accessible and affordable programs, and engages the community / advocates on issues affecting the welfare of companion animals.

Comments from nominators:

  • “The HSWM is a fantastic organization dedicated to the welfare of animals. In addition, to finding homes for over 1,000 animals this past year, they regularly do outreach trips to hold spay and neuter clinics which help to dramatically reduce the number of homeless animals. … Their efforts in education, spay and neuter clinics and networking with other shelters and rescues has enabled them to find homes for all the animals that come through their doors. They are a well run organization that serves several counties and deserve this kind of financial support.”
  • “The Humane Society is a leader in animal care, education, adoption and advocacy for our community and beyond. They offer outreach and veterinary services throughout Western Montana. They provide a plethora of support and services to people and their pets, which are an integral aspect to the health of our community.”

Learn more about the Humane Society of Western Montana at

Flathead Warming Center

Through harsh Montana winters, this facility strives to save lives by providing a warm and safe shelter for individuals or families who may have no other option. The Flathead Warming Center encourages dignity through low-barrier access to a safe place to sleep for anyone in need throughout the coldest months of the Montana year.

Comments from nominators:

  • “The Flathead Warming Center is a true gift to our community. They inspire so many to share their compassion for the homeless population. They are a light in a very stressed world right now, and I’m proud to know so many that give there and help people as they treat them with the utmost dignity. They are more than deserving in any financial help they could receive to continue their amazing work. Thank you.”
  • “I have never seen so many people so dedicated to a cause that is needed so badly for this community, they will be helping so many people out there who would otherwise be freezing to death and give them hope. I highly recommend the flathead warming center”

Learn more about the Flathead Warming Center at

Glacier Skate Academy

Located in Whitefish, Glacier Skate Academy provides Montana’s only year-round ice skating instruction and training programs for both competitive and recreational figure skaters, power skating for hockey players, and weekly Learn-to-Skate USA classes throughout the school year and summer. The nonprofit’s classes and programs serve skaters of all ages, from preschool to adult, to help them meet their goals.

​Comments from nominators:

  • “Glacier Skate Academy (GSA) serves the community by teaching the community, primarily children how to ice skate. GSA has done so much for the kids through the COVID crisis. They found ways to modify classes so that the kids could continue to skate. The donation will be used to help keep ice affordable for all families.”
  • “The kids and parents at Glacier Skate are community minded and participate/volunteer throughout the community. Being able to get children involved in something that can be a lifelong source of healthy activity is so important. Additionally, it provides a safe space with supervision, teaches children sportsmanship, and how to work to achieve difficult goals.”

Learn more about the Glacier Skate Academy at

From all of us at JCCS – thanks again, happy holidays
and we look forward to serving you in the new year!