Kelsie Frazier

Missoula, MT

Areas of Expertise
  • Audit
  • Master of Accountancy 2021
  • University of North Dakota - Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • B.S. in Psychology 2004
  • Montana State University - Bozeman, Montana

Kelsie’s first experience in audit came from preparing some daily cash deposits for her parent’s business when she was in elementary school. At the time, it was very frustrating finding that one number that was off. Later in life, however, the thrill of finding a mistake and fixing it was exhilarating. Nerdy, but true. Kelsie wants to use her detective and research skills for clients in order to help them feel confident about their financial statements. The non-profit sector has a special place in her heart, and she is excited about JCCS’s work with non-profits across the state.

Kelsie attended Montana State University and University of North Dakota. When not working you can find her with her husband and two sons (hopefully at Georgetown Lake), baking, or being crafty