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Along with the accuracy our clients expect, traditional accounting services provided by JCCS feature personalized, focused attention to each client’s specific personal or business situation as well as to his or her goals. After all, the JCCS team understands that critical business decisions are often based on the information contained in financial statements. This is why we make every effort to make JCCS accounting statements as informative and understandable as our broad scope of experience allows. We work closely with clients to determine the optimum level of service that fits their specific needs or situations. Beyond providing traditional financial statement services, your local JCCS team is well equipped to provide a range of related services including:

CFO and controller services

Monthly, quarterly or annual bookkeeping

Payroll preparation and related payroll reports

Development of graphic presentations of both financial and nonfinancial information

Review of internal accounting controls

Assistance in preparation of budgets, forecasts and obtaining financing

Technical support

Merger and acquisition assistance

Training of accounting personnel