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Employee Benefits

The many advantages of a well-designed employee benefit plan extend not only to the employees of the company, but to the company itself. Such a plan can actually become a powerful recruiting tool in attracting the talent a business needs to grow and compete in its market. Benefit plans like those designed by the JCCS team of experts can also improve employee morale and increase employee retention. Even so, these plans can be a critical part of the costs and expenses of operating a business.

All of this is why so many JCCS business clients rely on our Employee Benefits team to help them understand the tax and personnel implications and to guide them in creating a world-class benefits program that provides the maximum advantages across multiple areas.

The JCCS specialists can design and administer an employee benefit plan tailored to the unique needs of your business while assuring that your plan complies with ever-changing federal and state tax laws. We can not only design the plan, our highly trained plan administrators are also adept at overseeing the implementation, evaluation and record keeping necessary to assure ongoing plan performance and compliance.

JCCS offers a complete range of employee benefit services, including:

Defined Contribution Retirement Plans (401(k), Pension, Profit Sharing)

Defined Benefit Retirement Plans

Fiduciary Consulting

Health & Welfare Benefit Plans

Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBAs)

Affordable Care Act Consulting & Reporting


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