Certified Fraud Exams


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Certified Fraud Exams

Fraud. It unfortunately happens to every type of business and can be done through many schemes including: billing, payroll, financial statements, check tampering and larceny. Once it occurs, it can affect every individual to some degree. The key to protecting your business is prevention. And it starts at the top.

Reduce your exposure and subsequent fraud losses along with the accompanying negative publicity and legal battles. Utilize steps such as segregation of duties, strong internal controls, and educate employees and owners on fraud. How? That’s where we come in.

The specialists at JCCS provide best practices customized to each business. Working with your company, we can implement measures to help prevent fraud losses such as:

Internal control review
Segregation of duties
Surprise audits
Fraud awareness training

Should fraud occur, or fraud is thought to have occurred, we can also provide a full investigation to determine the extent of the fraud as well as assist in reporting it to authorities and prosecution. So you’re sure to save something equally valuable: time.

You’ll do more than put a safety net in place. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you’ve taken an active approach to reduce or eliminate fraud from your business.