Basic Probate Process and Fiduciary Duties in Montana

September 24, 2021 Category: News

Basic Probate Process and Fiduciary Duties in Montana

This video is for the Personal representatives wanting to know what is the general probate process and fiduciary duties in Montana. Presented by Heather Starnes, an attorney with Jardine Law firm out of Great Falls, MT and Nicole Rieker of Missoula and Lana Kadoshnikov of Great Falls, CPAs with JCCS, PC accounting firm.

This presentation covers basic items that will help you as a first time personal representative to know what are the general expectations of your role and will help you feel more comfortable and confident in your initial appointment with an attorney.

Additional information that may be helpful is our video, Estates & Trusts – Personal Representatives: Preparing for Initial Visit, that can be found on our Webinar page.

This brochure will be helpful as well: Dying Without a Will in MT.


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