Real Estate and Affordable Housing

Throughout the current and evolving needs and challenges of the affordable housing category within residential real estate, JCCS has been serving developers, syndicators / investors, property management companies and nonprofit entities, providing them tailored relevant solutions.

Organizations working in the affordable housing industry require a team of professionals that can guide them through the myriad advisory and compliance needs. Whether those requirements are for properties subject to Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) compliance or Housing and Urban Development (HUD) oversight, JCCS has a team of professionals available to serve your needs.

With state and national legislative rule changes, increasing competition for tax credit allocations, inflationary costs and other challenges, developers and investors rely on our trusted strengths. Our decades of experience and deep understanding of program sensitivities result in creative, well-designed solutions. We help you avoid costly roadblocks with our scalable solutions that identify hurdles and reveal opportunities to support your business goals.

The pressure on the affordable housing industry has never been greater than it is now. The competition for tax credit allocations, capital and other resources is at a premium. Partners working in this industry need to be able to optimize the life cycle of affordable housing projects.

— Tony Vanorny

Director of Audit and Accounting

JCCS offers a variety of services to the affordable housing industry, including LIHTC consulting, cost certification services, audit and tax compliance services, and cash flow optimization planning.

Case in point: With the assistance of JCCS, a developer was able to leverage JCCS’ cash management consulting services to make strategic changes several years after project stabilization. These changes provided an optimal debt vs. equity position that allowed the developer to devote resources to other future projects.

If you’d like to meet with one of our CPAs and business advisors to talk about how we might serve you and your project, please contact one of our specialists listed below.

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