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JCCS Tax Preparation, Planning & More

Tax laws, their implications and their interactions with other business and personal factors can and do change on a regular basis – sometimes significantly. That’s why JCCS Tax Specialists are so relentless in their search for new and innovative tax applications to best maximize the benefits to your personal and/or business situation. Our comprehensive year-round tax compliance and consulting services include:

Preparation of Annual Personal and/or Business Income Tax Returns

Retirement & Estate Planning

Inheritance Advice & Planning

Executive Compensation Analysis

Family & Business Succession Planning

Real Estate Transaction Analysis

JCCS Tax Specialists also develop and present comprehensive seminars to keep you up to date on new developments that could potentially impact your personal and/or business compliance and planning.

It’s this considerable level of engagement that helps us more effectively customize our services to your specific needs and goals, to proactively address anticipated changes that may lie ahead, and to make better informed decisions that improve the financial future for you and/or your business.

Case Study

Karahan and Cheryl Balli owned and operated a one-store retail operation designing, creating and selling fine jewelry. For a secure future for their family the Ballis knew they needed to grow and increase revenues. They even thought about coffee and other not-jewelry sales. Their long-term relationship with their JCCS tax advisor grew about the same time – and in the end the JCCS-Balli team worked toward today’s successful two-store, two-market and growing jewelry business.