Author: Judy Mills

How much should my business pay me?

Part 1 There are some questions that CPAs get asked all the time. One common question from business owners is “How do I pay myself through >>

Helping Yourself to Your IRS Information

No one on the phone? The IRS has online tools that can help. For many taxpayers, contacting the IRS for wanted information has been an ongoing >>

Unclaimed Payroll Checks

The employee “left the building” but also left you holding a paycheck or two – what to do? Employees leave a business for many reasons but >>

Bitcoin Part 2: Tax Planning and Strategies

Sitting on a pile of cryptocurrency gains? Wondering what the tax consequences might be for those gains? Maybe you are thinking of dipping a toe into >>

Happy 75th anniversary 10 times!

  Meet the 10 Montana charities you helped us celebrate. Thank you! The nominations are in and the charities we are celebrating are chosen! Back in >>

The JCCS Client Portal: updated

Improving your online 24/7 access to all your account information and documents. Our goal here at JCCS is to provide each of our business and personal >>