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We inform

Every aspect of finance – for your company or family – impacts the decisions you make. We see beyond spreadsheets and tax forms to help inform those decisions and contribute to your success.

We engage

Effective advisory requires an engaged team of professionals. Yours will be. We will focus on your goals and bring in the right people with the right knowledge when it can have the greatest impact on you.

We build

Sound relationships help sustain growth. At JCCS, we offer the diversity of services and range of expertise to not only advise you now, but as your situation changes and your aspirations grow.


The JCCS team offers these free topical webinar resources relevant to business & personal finances. Check them all out.

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September 24, 2021 Category: News

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5 Costly Mistakes That Cost Trusts or Estates a Lot of Money
June 24, 2021 Category: Tax

Lana Kadoshnikov and Keith Tokerud, will discuss the 5 mistakes and share their stories of what to do and what not to do. 1. Vague Plan, >>

Best Practices & How to Keep PR Out of Litigation
March 25, 2021 Category: News

You are named a Personal Representative for a deceased and want to know what can be done to have a good experience as personal representative, complete >>

You define.
We deliver.

The future you see for your company, employees or family is the future we see. Getting there means navigating change and making sound, insight-driven decisions. We deliver integrated suites of business services that help you understand, strategize, decide and, ultimately, succeed.

Sustaining high performance means answering complex questions. Should I expand into a new market now or wait? Will tax code changes impact my purchase of new equipment? Is it more feasible to acquire the competition or to outperform them? The answers to such questions require a deep understanding of strategic options, corporate finance and business implications. Through attention to quality and sheer business insight, we deliver that across a full suite of services.

  • Preparation of annual income tax returns
  • ACA reporting and compliance filings
  • Business valuation
  • More complex tax challenges including R&D credits, sales and use taxes, and more
  • Retirement plan set up & administration
  • Payroll services
  • Business succession planning, including “Key Man” insurance
  • Biannual consulting & financial statement review

Owning a small company raises big questions – be it a venture-backed startup or a third-generation family business. How much capital do I need to fund projected growth? What are the pros and cons of adding health coverage? When should I start succession planning? Tough questions all made easier when you have an advisor who invests time, insight and a bit of sweat equity in helping you answer them. Every service we deliver comes with just that kind of advisor.

  • Preparation of annual income tax returns
  • Payroll services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Development of a long-term business plan and Key Performance Indicators
  • The JCCS “10-point financial health” annual analysis and review
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Designing benefits to maximize cash management and tax planning
  • Valuations, due diligence, planning for and executing transactions

Yes, people do financial planning with phone apps. They do their taxes online. That doesn’t mean they should. Personal finance can be complex and what seems a small decision can have significant impact on your quality of life, retirement and estate. At JCCS, we believe that getting taxes right, choosing appropriate investment vehicles, setting insurance levels, understanding implications of actions like selling land, and so on, are vital to your future. We deliver our services with that in mind.

  • Preparation of annual income tax returns
  • Year-end tax planning session
  • Wealth management
  • Real estate tax
  • Insurance and investment planning


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